Monday, December 11, 2017

OOTD: The skirt of a lifetime

Happy Monday!
I'm back and for the first time in a really long time, I have an outfit post for you! Although the temperatures are getting lower and lower, I'm trying not to wear a simple tee and jeans everyday.
Every time winter rolls around, I'm happy to have found an excuse not to dress up too much "because it's cold", but I wanted to change that up a little bit.
Today, I got what is probably the skirt of a lifetime. This one is nice high waist, but it's not too short. It's a knee length skirt, which is nice in winter, without being too boring.
I decided to wear a green blouse with some pearl detailing on the shoulder. To go along with it, I brought my green purse with cute bow detailing. My tights and boots are plain black.

In fact, I loved the skirt so much that I got two ones in a different colour. You'll be seeing more of my outfits online soon!

- Blouse: Stradivarius
- Skirt: Pimkie
- Purse: Moggy's
- Boots: H&M

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

MAC 15 X Warm Neutral palette review

Hey guys! A while back I told you that when I travel and I see a Sephora, I like to take some make-up items home that normally I don't get to buy.
When I got back from Malaga, I had so many items to review and then I went to Portugal about a month after and got even more stuff. 
Needless to say, some of the items haven't been reviewed yet and I thought today would be a nice day to catch up on that.

The palette that I'm reviewing today is the MAC 15X Warm Neutral palette. This palette holds 15 eyeshadows that MAC has picked out for this certain palette. The pans are the size of the singles that you can get in the store.

I think this palette looks so good. There are so many different shades and textures. Some matt, some shimmery. I think this is a perfect everyday palette, good for both neutral and more eyecatching looks.

Here you can see the swatches. This first picture contains the swatches of the first row. The lighter colours are well pigmented. A bit powdery but that's it. The black-ish colour isn't pigmented very well.

The second row is well pigmented as well. Especially the gold (called "Amber lights", which I own in a single eyeshadow as well) is very pigmented, but if you pay attention to the highlight colours near my hand, you'll see that those are quite nice as well. 
They just don't show up on my skin that much because the colours of the eyeshadows and my skin are nearly thesame.

And the third row is probably my favourite. There are a few yellows and a very beautiful green eyeshadow.

I decided to work mostly with the colours from the third row. I applied a brown eyeshadow in my crease and blended out and decided to darken it up a little bit more with the black eyeshadow. It might not be very pigmented in the swatch, but it did work quite well on the eyes. I had no problems applying or blending it whatsoever.
I used the yellow "Lemon Tarte" in my inner corner, the gold in the middle and the green on the outer corner.

And this is what the end result looks like. I'm very satisfied with this palette.

I hope you have a really good day! 
Let me know what you think and I'll see you soon! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

EOTD: Red Halo

Goodmorning everyone! Here I am again and this time I have a bit of a special look for you!
The look that I am wearing today is a little out of my comfort zone, it's based on orange and red eyeshadows.
I have said it before on this blog and I'll say it again: red eyeshadows can be very intimidating and can make you look sick or like you've just cried in no-time.

These past few months I've started to appreciate oranges and reds a lot more.
The look that I made today is a "halo" look - this means that you have darker colours on the in- and outside of your eyelids and a lighter colour in the center.
This technique makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, which is really nice if you have small eyes.

I started by working a tan eyeshadow from Urban Decay's Naked Heat palette into my crease and blending it out.
Then, I put "Red Brick" by MAC in my crease, inner- and outer corner. This is a really bright orange, matt eyeshadow colour. Next, I darkened things up with the shimmery red "Ruddy" eyeshadow (also by MAC).

Fenty Beauty "Trophy Wife" - MAC "Ruddy" - MAC "Red Brick" - Urban Decay Naked Heat "Sauced"

Because the Fenty Beauty "Trophy Wife" highlighter is a little bit too dark for me during the wintertime, I decided to put it on the middle of my eyelid, the part that I had left blank.
I carefully blended this in with "Red Brick", going back and forth between the two colours.

After that I went in with my H&M gel eyeliner and my trusty old Essence liquid ink eyeliner. I put a little highlight by Kat Von D in my inner corner, et voilà!

If there are any products in this post that you are curious about, please find them below. You can simply click the link to find the review of the certain product.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Travel Diary: Lisbon part #3

Hi! Welcome back to my blog! 
For those of you who can't get enough of my Travel Diaries, I've got good news! I have some more pictures for you today.

This one focusses on a part of my day trip to Sintra. Sintra is about 45 minutes away from the center of Lisbon and it's absolutely gorgeous. There are castles everywhere and it's no surprise that this is the most visited location in Portugal.

Quinta Da Regaleira is the first castle I visited and I've got many pictures to show you so... Let's go! 

This first castle we visited was not even from a king. It was from a very wealthy trader. It's called "Quinta Da Regaleira" and this is what a real life Disney castle would look like. The first few seconds I saw it, I really couldn't believe it looked like this. So, so beautiful!


 You could walk hours in this place. It's so beautiful and surrounded by a lot of green. There are many levels to go on and many secret passage ways.

One of the most fascinating things I saw here was this well. It was believed that the trader was a member of the Freemasons. If you wanted to become a member too, there was one challenge for you. That challenge was to go into this well at night and find your way out of it by following underground ways. This wasn't very dangerous but it was more symbolic.

After visiting the first castle we went to grab a bite at a local restaurant. This was so yumm! Rice with goat cheese quiche. And you know what? The goat cheese didn't even taste like goat cheese. Normally I'm not a fan, but apparently they have very nice goats in Alentejo, where this goat cheese comes from.

They also had "green wine" which wasn't really green, but it was a very sweet white wine. And it costs next to nothing! 
This was so nice because it was so hot outside that we could sit in our T-shirts without being cold. In November!

Although I didn't get to go inside the Moorish Castle, we did get to see it from a few different points of view. This castle made me think of the Chinese wall!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Keep reading the next few parts for more on my Lisbon adventure! 
Have a really good day! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

My everyday foundation routine 2017

Goodmorning and happy Sunday!
Here I am again and as an early Christmas present, I made you a video! This last year think I've really finally found the perfect foundation routine.
This video incorporates everything: from BB cream to concealing, contouring and highlighting. And the best thing about it? They're all budget products!
As you will see, my eye make-up is already done. I used my MAC Nine Times Burgundy palette for this look!

You can watch the video in HD by clicking my picture. All of the products used are linked below.
Have a good one!

- Essence Camouflage BB cream
- Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer
- Urban Decay Naked Palette
- Essence Sun Club bronzer
- Revolution Blush palette
- Sleek highlighting palette

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Travel Diary: Lisbon part #2

Happy Thursday everyone! About two weeks ago I wrote my first Travel Diary from Lisbon
I was - and still am - very impressed by Lisbon and the many things I've seen there. 

I've taken so many pictures that I can't fit them all in one post (you'd be reading for about an hour) so I decided to split them into different posts. Today I'd like to take you away from the cold December weather and back to the warm and cosy Lisbon.

The biggest part of this post is going to be the Oceanarium that I visited in Lisbon. I love underwater worlds - they are truely fascinating and can be so gorgeous! It was really fun to see some of the fish and crabs that I watch on "Tanked" and "Deadliest Catch".
I'm also going to show you some things that I saw on my way over. Mostly, a lot of grafitti art! Have a look!

The Ocenarium had a big tank where you could walk around. Each level made a different kind of fish visible and it was just so cool. At the bottom of the tank you saw different things than at the top of the tank.
I felt like a little kid in a candystore. On the way in, there's also a few posters with species that are dying and what the Oceanarium has done to prevent that. Very interesting!

This is for sure one of the most beautiful places I have been to. I think I spent about three hours just walking around and then I spent another hour just sitting in the seats that look out on the big tank. The last thing I saw as I was on my way out was this shark. He was so close and right on my eye level. Exciting for sure, but as he got closer, I got out! 

Thanks a lot for reading! 
I hope I'll see you on Saturday! Have a good one!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Benefit Ka-brow review ♥

Goodmorning everyone and happy Tuesday! I know the Monday blues are supposed to be over, but just for the heck of it, let's talk about insecurities. It's okay, I'll go first!

Ever since I was a young girl, I've always had doubts and insecurities about my eyebrows.
I used to try and trim them myself which didn't always work out great and ever since it's been a bit of a problem. They aren't even, they're too big, they're too thin - there's always something wrong.

Over the years I have tried a couple of brands which I really like and I've mostly kept on using those products.
I've heard a lot about the "ka-brow" eyebrow gel by Benefit and, even though I don't like to experiment when it comes to my brown, decided I would give it a try.

Let's start off with the packaging. I am very impressed by the packaging of this Benefit product - well, I'm pretty much always impressed by Benefit - I just don't know how they keep doing it.

This tiny brow products includes a little brush. It comes out of the packaging and I just think it's so clever. I love having the brush with my product. I used to have seperate brushes for my brows but when you're only half awake, not being able to find your brow brush might make your heart pump a little faster. Good to know you're still alive, not so good for your brows!


This is what the product looks like. I got a lighter colour than my hair colour, because I like my brows to be lighter.
The product is just the right colour - which makes my brows look natural. Not like I've just packed on a crazy amount of dark brown eyeshadow.
I feel like the tiny brush comes in handy and I can never lose it because it's part of my packaging. 

This product feels like a gel eyeliner but, I don't know if this is because maybe my product was opened before at the counter, the texture is quite dry. 
It's still possible to apply it on your brows (I wet the brush a little) but of course it would be easier if the gel was a little more creamy. It does give the desired effect though!

This is what my brows look like after I've used my Ka-brow by Benifit! Not bad is it?


Do you do your brows? Which products do you use?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fall make-up trends ❤️

Happy Tuesday to all of you! 
The seasons are changing again, so we're bound to adapt. It's the time to go home early and cuddle up to your loved ones. Time to put away those white sneakers you've been rocking all summer and getting out your favourite boots to protect you from changing weather.
Layering, finally being able to wear your favourite scarf again or stealing all of the attention with your new berry lipstick.

On this fine Tuesday I'm making an attempt to help you adapt to the newest make-up trends - because yes - those are changing too! Let's have a look!

Fall eyes!

After all the 'no make-up' make-up looks, this fall, you can pick up your brushes and get busy again. Pack on that eyeshadow, get creative with eyeliner,... 


Make it pop, that's the message for this fall. Metallics can be so beautiful and vibrant, a great eyecatcher. Use of colours and lots of mascara? Not a bad thing this fall. It's all about the eyes! PS it's even hot to put mascara on your lower lashes this time of year! 

Oranges and reds! 

When I go to work, I have to walk through the shopping streets. Take a peek inside the stores when you pass by. Oranges and reds are completely hot! Not only for clothes, but for make-up as well! 
Stand out!

The oh-so-popular Morphe palette with tons of orange shades. Click here for a review ànd a tutorial!
Click here to read my review on this gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.


What more can I say?

Current favourite highlighter: My Fenty Beauty "TrophyWife"

Berry lips

Another trend is the berry/dark lips. I feel like this is one we have seen in the years before, but it's still hot! 

My all time favourite berry colours are two similar shades by MAC. Click here for my review on both and click here for my comparison to a cheaper brand!
I hope all of you are enjoying the fall season! Be kind to each other and I'll see you very soon! 
Have a good one!