Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Diary

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Weekly Diary! 
 How has your week been? Mine was quite busy to be honest! I worked a lot for school but I also worked on the blog a lot! Next month around this time the exams start for me so I want to be well prepared and plan posts for the two weeks that I'll be going through exams! I still have tons of work to do, but it'll be alright!

I went outfit shooting! You'll see this outfit soon on the blog! I like this picture particularly.

To do lists have saved me! I can't wait to have nothing to do during the holiday! Oh no wait, I have to study for my driver's license because I've been taking classes to get that as well! I'm very excited!

I love my blonde hair but it's a bit unhealthy. I was thinking about going back to red! I don't know for sure yet but it sure looked special!

Found a picture of this anonymous stunner. He fought during 1965. Look at those eyes! I want to know who that is and if he survived.

This picture was on FaceBook recently. I love it: not only is it very creative, it's (sadly) also the truth. Wake up call, anyone?

I watched quite a bit of movies lately! "The English Teacher" is quite awesome!

I also watched "Unconditional", this is such a beautiful and emotional movie! I cried my eyes out! Oh my God, this was SUCH a great movie (based on a true story as well)! If you ever have the chance to see it, watch it!

"Big Miracle" is another movie I saw, it's about three wales stuck in the ocean because the water is about to freeze and that danger could get them killed! Really good movie as well!

Last week I also had a little get together with a couple of friends! We just talked and ate a lot, haha! Yay, waffles!

Thanks for reading!

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