Friday, November 15, 2013

The Balm blush review

A little while ago I purchased a Nude 'Tude palette, and I am loving it! 
While unpacking, I noticed there was something else in the little bag that the lady at the shop put my palette in. A receipt and... THIS!

This is the "Instain" blush from The Balm. I saw it in the store as well but I didn't get it so this was a nice little surprise! I love the name of the blush. "Instain". I wonder who comes up with these names!

I can't believe how beautiful the packaging is. The front totally reminds me of a magazine and the lady on the 'cover' is so beautiful! Seeing this immediately put a smile on my face!

This is the inside. Like I said, I saw it in the store as well but I thought they were eyeshadows. Now, it's clear that they're not. I wondered how I would get my blush brush in this little pan, but I tested it already and it works out just fine.

Here's a swatch of the blush! It's quite pigmented, especially for a blush! I'm a huge fan of bright blushes so they couldn't have given me anything better!
You do have to be careful not to put on too much though, just a little whipe is enough to brighten up both of your cheeks. Lovely!

Below you can see a picture of what my cheek looks like without and with blush.

Without any makeup
With "Instain" blush on!

I am loving this blush a lot! Great pigmentation, lovely colour, you don't need a lot of product at all. It's a "yes" from me!

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