Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer

Don't you just love it when you're at the drugstore and one of the items that you've been wanting for a long time is 50% off? It happened to me just a couple days ago. I was actually looking for the new Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume, when I decided to take a look at the Rimmel counter. Rimmel has become a favourite brand of mine recently.
I was looking at the apocalips lip lacquers when I saw that a couple of colours were on clearance. Luckely, the one that I wanted was included!

I almost feel like a queen, looking at the packaging. The tube is very shiny but the top also looks like a diamond to me. It's so special and if there's one thing that makes me happy, it's cute, little, unexpected details.

The drugstore always puts tape around the lipsticks and lipglosses. Probably to prevent people using the non-tester tubes, but still, it's very annoying.
First of all, it's really hard to get it off and second of all, it just doesn't look good.

The colour that I got is a red colour called "Big Bang".

And this is what it looks like on my lips! A breathtaking, nicely pigmented red colour that applies smooth and looks great. I can see myself wear this everyday, I think it made a very good first impression, I love it already!

This colour is also an instant teeth-whitening. Some lipsticks and lipglosses can either make your teeth look very yellow, but some lipsticks or lipglosses can make them very white. This colour is for sure a colour of the last category! Bonus point!

I'm extremely happy with this lip lacquer. Normally it's €10.99 (which is about $15.11) but I got it on clearance for €5.50 (about $7.56)!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Looks so good! I love red lipstick/lipgloss/lip lacquer.

    Im your GFC new follower :) If you want you can follow me back


  2. Thoroughly gorgeous shade! It's not a million miles away from my beloved Russian Red from MAC actually. It's the blue undertones in this lovely lacquer making me feel that way - I love red with blue undertones, they usually work so much better on fair skinned lasses like us.

    ♥ Jessica


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