Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo tutorial: Everyday winter makeup look

When winter comes around, I always like to change my daily makeup look. Most of the time, it becomes darker. A couple of weeks ago I created a new daily makeup look that is a little bit darker and I've been wearing it ever since. I decided to make a photo tutorial on it in case you girls wanted to recreate it!

For this look, I used my "Nude 'Tude" palette by the Balm.
First, I put a yellow colour called "Snobby" on my eyelid. I placed "Sultry" in my crease and blended it out well. Next, I used "Seductive" in my outer corner to darken it up a little bit. I blended that as well. I re-applied "Snobby" on my lid, in case the colour faded after blending. Next, highlighter time! I used the white colour "Sassy" for this. Eyeliner, mascara and we're done!

The colours that I used in detail... If you don't have this makeup palette at home, you can still recreate it with other colours that you have laying around!

Thanks for reading again today! Make someone smile today! :)

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