Monday, August 26, 2013

MAC "Texture" review

Hello everyone! Time for another mono eyeshadow review! Today I'm going to show you another mono eyeshadow that I got at MAC for my birthday.
This eyeshadow is called "Texture".

I'm going to be honest: I would have NEVER in a million years picked up this colour if they let me pick colours myself. I was looking around a bit and then the makeup artist asked me if she could help me so I asked for eyeshadows that were wearable but orange or copper toned because they make blue eyes stand out and that's what I wanted.

She came up with two colours and actually applied both of them on my eyes. I thought it looked great and took them both home! You can read my review on the first mono eyeshadow here.

This is what the colour looks like. You'd say it's more skintoned but in real life it looks orange. I told the makeup artist that I was scared it was going to be too bright or not wearable but when I opened my eyes after she put it on, I couldn't believe how nice and neutral it looked. Not over the top at all!

The picture below is how the eyeshadow looks with flash. As you can see there's a teeny tiny bit of shimmer in it. Not an overwelming amount though.

Swatch! This is one whipe, pretty good, huh? 


And then again, the picture I showed you in my other post as well: the look. "Texture" is used in my crease here. "Woodwinked" is on my lid.

Conclusion? I never thought a colour like this would be something for me but I'm absolutely in love with it these days! 
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